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Part 1: Technical. Let's gather some information about your project and usage.

We’ve assisted nearly every kind of industry and project. Context lets us give you good advice.

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Where can we find the app or website?

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Having a fast/site app is

Up to a dozen resolutions of each source image are usually needed. At which points are variants generated?


Which apply to source image storage and access?

Which image formats do you need ImageResizer to open?

Which image formats do you need ImageResizer to produce?

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Part 3: Licensing Details can get you discounts

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Which feature set do you need? *

Elite includes everything in Creative. Creative includes everything in Performance.

How many domain names would you expect to ImageResizer to serve images for? *

Exclude subdomains. Include staging domains where watermarking would not be acceptable.
On how many servers (at the same time) would you expect to be running ImageResizer? *

Include physical and virtual servers.
Include load balanced servers.
Include staging servers.
We look at concurrent use - license keys are shared across all servers. 
Not sure? How many image or media servers do you have now?
What would the combined core count (logical processors) of those servers be? *

Give us your best guess.
Which billing interval is preferred for license maintenance? *

How many employees does your company or organization have? *

What kind of support do you need? *

Which billing interval is preferred for support?

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